Can the X360 get a separate FH2 forum?

They’re basically 2 different games with their own issues, economy and a completely separate online mode.
The current mesh leads to more confusion and frustration than necessary: All of the X360 posts have comments that say “Well just buy a X1”, which derails the thread most of the time. And I’m pretty sure all the X1 players are fed up with the X360 threads.

So can we please get a separate forum for this separate game? Thanks!


So, X1 users can constantly complain about the few issues there are and yes they do and that’s OK, but 360 users cannot complain, because X1 users are fed up with it? They can constantly derail threads and instult us, shouldn;t we 360 users be the ones that are fed up? By they way, there are way more X1 complaint threads and 360 users don’t come in derailing them all the time.

I do think a seperate forum would be a good idea though, makes things easier to oversee and save me time looking for posts, since the 360 post are burried under all the X1 complain threads.

Seriously, we dont need to start a X360 vs X1 flame war, do we?

I second the idea to have separate forums, the two versions are too different to cover them both by one single forum.


Hmm, I didn’t start it, the OP already did, I just replied to it, bringing things back to it’s proper perspective. It’s OK to constantly insult 360 users, but as soon as they say something about it, that’s not acceptable? Well, enough said… on topic again, yes great idea!