Can we buy credits at all in FM6?

Is this or will this be a feature?

Buying credits has never been a feature in Forza.

Nor has there ever been a reason to need it. Credits are so so so easy to earn just by playing, and claiming Forza Rewards from time to time.

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Why would you want it to be?

With the rewards programme, I started the game with 15 million, I currently have 21 million credits and a number of cars in my garage of varying values.

Just play the game, credits aren’t hard to come by

There is no reason this is needed. You can have millions of credits just after a few hours of racing.

I think he’s trolling, there has never been a game that has given away credits and content this easy in the history of gaming. You can turn on every assist and literally just hold the gas and barely steer the car and you’ll earn credits. Theres also free play where you can drive any car on any track for free.

If anything the credits are rolling in too fast. I believe it’s possible to own most or even all of the cars in a few weeks.

Forza Motorsport 5 had it… I race strictly X-class, so I was just wondering.

I remember when I picked up FM5 I bought credits to buy the lotus at the beginning.

They removed the tokens due to backlash from the community. I had no problem with them. If people wanna use their real money to buy whatever it is they want, why should i feel negatively about it?

Play the game for an hour and a half and you’ll have enough enough credits

Couldn’t you buy " tokens " in fm4?

Trust me there is no need to buy credits/tokens.

Well … unless you get addicted to mods. The top mods basically cost 300k each (and you’ll get doubles). I think I spent about 10 million on mod packs.

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