Can not get the 2021 audi rs7

forza you need to but the lamborghini Aventador svj and the 2021 audi rs7 in the autoshow because the auction house

So, you need a 2021 rs7 and a svj. Correct?

I am also looking for the Rs7 but the few times I have seen it in the auction there is not even time to bid or buy hahahahahaha.

I’m not in a hurry, it’ll come out.

I managed to buy two SVJs in the AH yesterday. Took a while to find but they do pop up. The Audis are never added. Neither is the Mini FE.

What I’d like to see is these rare cars (there are more, not just aforementioned) added to the Forzathon shop.

I spotted an RS7 2021 in the AH, there were no other bids so i decided to try to get it but it kept saying that the auction ended but there were no other bids for around 30 seconds until it then changed to say that somebody had already got it

The mini fe and the audis do occasionally appear
I see people all the time bragging about buying them for 20 mill

Pointless to bid
For that car the only way is to buy it out
If you are quick enough


Thats what i do, i quick buy it but it still says that the auction has ended but there are no winners, thats what im trying to get at in my reply

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It’s just an caching issue. The auction has been won by someone but your display has not refreshed. If you go back to the search menu and search for auctions for this car the listing will be gone.

There was a flood of them put up on the AH around 730 in the evening (PST). All for 20 million from the same player and in most cases, the same buyer.

Some lucky folks grabbed a couple. Took me a week of spam searching and racing the bots to get one myself.

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LMAO Just get better kid.

Rs7 and rs4 is wanted here

The RS7 21 is in the Series 21 playlist. Earn 160 pts for the Series. That is why the AH is seeing some activity on this car.

Right now there are 4 Rs7 2021…

PD: Before this is shipped they will already be sold…