Anyone willing to sell me the last few cars I need

Chances are they will get sniped, but still just need the following:
Audi RS 7 '21 acquired, but happy to buy more
Audi RS4 Avant '18 acquired, but happy to buy more
Mini Cooper FE
#5 Extreme E

These are the last cars I need that aren’t from current season or welcome pack :3

Would if I had any spare bro’
AAS cars are in the Autoshow, NAS cars are not unfortunately…
Audi RS 7 '21 - AAS 250 K
Audi RS4 Avant '18 - NAS 250 K
Mini Cooper FE. - NAS 500 K

Sorry - correction - the RS7 isn’t - my mistake.

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Should have a spare rs 7, maybe also a rs4, need to look it up. PM me so we can set a time where we both can hop into the game.

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Aloha. Still looking for #5 Extreme E and Mini '65 FE.
Hit me up please :slight_smile: