Can never seem to access my FH5 Photo Gallery page on this website

I had the exact same issue with Forza Horizon 4, and had held out some vague hope that they might have bothered to fix it in the intervening 3 or more years since then. Is there any chance you might spare a hamster for the gallery server, or am I going to have to resign myself to hitting printscreen and messing about with photoshop to get pictures from my €100 game?

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None of the galleries are currently working. I’m starting to question why photo-mode even exists.

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Thought it was just me, I took some really nice photos yesterday and after could not find them in the photo gallery.

Seems like they are holding things back especially the servers for full release on the 9th. I find it poor that the game can have such broken online at present, when only those with premium access can play it.

Holding back? As above, no galleries are working and it’s always been on and off, more so off. But yeah, the whole game seems broken. Servers again, photo-mode galleries, the game-play has been made unplayable… I’m not sure what’s going on.

The galleries have always been a problem, as has this entire site. You’d think, given that it’s run by Microsoft, that they could find someone on staff that knew how to make a functional website. I think it’s high time we had the ability to store shots locally, especially on PC where storage should not be an issue. Then we might actually be able to have screenshots in bigger resolutions than a pathetic 1920x1080, especially given how often they brag about the game running at 4K on consoles. Such tiny resolution photos is insulting, and unnecessary.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about? Saved photos from photo-mode are all high res - 4K shots. You can’t get much better. But you can’t grab them from a phone, as phones automatically compress them. Xbox screenshots on the other hand are slightly compressed & lower res. I’ve managed to open the FH5 gallery after 15 minutes of trying.

Yeah not holding back, that was the wrong word, I mean if its all linked to the servers, maybe they have not switched all the servers on yet.

On PC you can make a screenshot the old fashioned way: win key+alt+print screen (or any other way you have set up). Screenshots are saved in the …/Videos/Captures folder.

On console you can take the screenshot by pressing the new share button (or the old Xbox button+Y button combo). You can download your image by using the Console Companion app on Windows.

If you still want to get those Forza gallery images (although you can take screenshot of your images in game), then you should be able to get them by using Forza Hub app. When you click on your galleries, the images won’t load, but, if you click on random image in your collection, then it will eventually load that image. After that you can browse your pictures using left and right arrows/buttons. At least, this is how it was working for me few days ago. Haven’t tried it after that. Maybe it’s completely broken now, but screenshot option is till here to help you out.

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I genuinely appreciate the help there. I’ll give the Hub App a try, but hopefully they’ll consider fixing their broken nonsense, and we won’t need to have 177 different apps to do stuff :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve got the HUB app, but it doesn’t even show that I own FH5, despite me owning the Premium Edition. No idea what to do now.

EDIT Number 2: It seems in their eternal wisdom, that they have killed the HUB App. I am honestly baffled by this.

Even with the hub app which is going to work for a few more months, it won’t work for FH5, and even though it shows all my pics from FH4 they don’t show up in the community FH4 gallery dropdown at all on the forum and never have. So if they don’t appear in a game I’ve had for so long I’m not sure how I’ll get my FH5 pics!