Gallery Broken Still?

The site gallery is still broken, so I cant submit photos to contests, nor can I start a gallery page on the forums. I don’t have access to a Win 10 PC so cant use their app on PC, which leaves me without an option it seems. Any fixes/answers for this? Been going on for over a month now…

Are you making sure to Share you Photos in-game first? I see lots of other game version photos here: MyForza

If you have, I would send an email to Turn 10 at

Thanks for the reply! I’ve shared them, yeah, part of the issue is that my FM6 ones work fine, but my FH3 ones are the only ones that don’t! I’ll give it the day, and if nothing changes when I can jump on later, I’ll shot 'em an email, thanks again!

Yeah it’s not been working for me either, and a few others. Not sure what the issue is. I’m also sharing them. They show up fine in the Hub but not in the gallery. I just assumed they were pushing people to move over to the Hub to lighten the load on the website.