Can intentional wrecking still be reported in Forza 6?

I was just in a S class lobby, and what a mess that was!
I have 3 replays, can I still report these?

Yes. A few days ago, there was a ban thread in which Snowowl told the OP they were banned for intentional wrecking. That particular thread is still on page 1 of the FM6 Discussion forums.

You are more than welcome to join the ACR guys, and wanna be’s, in public lobbies. Given the numbers we can amass, we have been very successful in using the kick function, and stripping lobbies of wreckers and corner cutters.

I always PM SnowOwl. He’s probably neck-deep in scoping out cases but he at least responds to your PMs, and gives explanations for the reason for the ban when the perp eventually begs for mercy.

Save your replay, share it (keep the share name generic - do not advertize the name of the miscreant) then PM SnowOwl with the date, time, track, class and name of the offending cretin. Be patient and don’t expect every report to result in a ban.

They don’t take partial Game DVR recordings, they prefer the entire replay so they can examine the possible causes.

You have to set your expectations realistically. Turn10 doesn’t usually ban for stupidity or lack of talent. What you might take as an aggressive rub off the track, or being rear-ended could easily just be a mistake or misjudgement by the other driver. Generally blatant repeated ramming or game disruption is what they target. We all make mistakes from time to time, and nobody should be banned for making mistakes. Aggression is up to interpretation, too. It might be annoying to be bumped repeatedly but it’s a real gray area between “aggressive” and “blatant disregard for the rules”.

Also, when you’re in a public lobby, no matter how fast you are or think you are you are simply not going to win every race. Temper your expectations and resist the urge to retaliate. Usually if I get bumped or punted I give the other driver a little slack. I won’t hunt them down and ram them. If you have issues with the same racer again keep cool, don’t quit the race and remember to save a replay.

I sometimes watch the replay with the telemetry on. Then I can see if they meant to do it or if they were clueless or pushed. Occasionally I delete them. But then there are the d-bags that need to get a little time off. Snowowl takes care of them.

I agree about looking at the replay first, before submitting it. Sometimes you’ll find that the guy who hit you was himself bumped into you. And the telemetry can show you if any wrecker suddenly and decidedly turn into you at the opportune time.

The public lobbies have been filled with real idiots lately. Dozens of driver levels below 20, a wreckfest at every start and aimless morons wandering around the track backwards. It’s been very difficult to be patient and cool headed.

Have patience waiting for a response. I know someone that has waited 2 months for replays to be viewed. It is the best way to report wreckers. Snowowl does his best for all things Forza. He will respond eventually. No matter how bad it gets, don’t retaliate and become a wrecker yourself. Snowowl, thanks for helping make racing better for all of us.

There’s another problem. After a while, replays automatically get deleted from the server. It happened to me twice this summer and once again this month (the same replays from 3-4 months ago). So I had to re-upload them.