Camera problem

Right on one of my accounts it says I have 2 speed trap and one speed zone to do. Yet on my map it is showing everyone done with a time ??

Would this be something like it was not on line at the time or what is the problem ??
Any ideas anyone.
I have tried to do some of them again but at this time nothing has registered.

you will have a time because you drove through it while on a road trip, which dose not record your time in the leader board

If you are in a race event or road trip the location registers on your map but it does not count as driving through it as it does not save a time.

You must be in free roam for it to count towards the completion. Go to free roam and drive through each one again - or see on the map which ones you need. Hover over it and look at the leaderboard, if it doesn’t show a “Near Me” filter it means you have not done it.

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I will give it a go, But I’m sure when in races they do not register at all.