Camber/Caster Help

ok, so far I have been using the formula (max-min)xW%+min=setting, and have not had any issues spring settings, damping or any others…Camber really isnt too big of an issue with tuning other than Im not using a formula, more just driving circles and trying to get full turn lock camber number to bounce between -0 and +0…and if the setup stock geometry is at 5.0 degrees I can tune it, but some of the hyper cars are 6.0 and 6.5 and when I set camber to as close to zero the vehicle just does not like it…over steer and understeer, cant seem to find a happy medium. Cars I am having steering issues on are like the Agera RS and Regera, a couple of the Ferrari’s, they all seem to have hi caster and camber setttings and when I tune them, it just doesnt work out too well, I usually will tune the rear end and leave the front alone with very small tweeking…any help would be great, Im very good with cars in real life, just do not do my own front end work :slight_smile:

Not one reply or suggestions, really? WOW! I refuse to use someone else’s tune’s, was only looking to make the learning curve not so frustrating, but no worries, Ill figure it out all on my own…thanks for the help at any rate :smiley:

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Not all of us visit the forum every day. :wink:

Caster and camber work together. Adjusting one affects the other. Generally higher camber goes with lower caster, and vice versa.
So in the same way lowering caster can reduce twitchyness, so can adding camber.

I haven’t seen any evidence of a golden rule or setting, in FH4, so it has some trial and error to it.

Also note stiffer suspension setups typically come with more sensitive steering also, so softening that up can help also.

Caster is usually good between 5.0 and 7.0 I’ve found. Think of caster this way. Low caster for handling. High caster for speed. If you take a super car and drop the caster it will take a corner better at low speeds but will be handle terribly at speeds. The opposite is true as well. Higher caster means smooth handling at speeds, but probably a little sketchy in a slow corner. Personally, I drop the caster for slow, short cars and jack it up for faster bigger cars.

I was about to start a thread asking about the trade off between camber and caster, but this one seems a suitable place to ask.

I’m a bit puzzled by why the stock tunes seem to have a negative camber and a caster below max. Suppose that the two are correctly balanced so that the wheel ends up around 0 camber when cornering as hard as possible. What is the benefit to having negative camber when driving along in a straight line? Would it not be ideal to have 0 camber when driving in a straight line, and caster that holds the camber at 0 when turning?

I think GT SoupedUp300C was answering this question, but I’m not sure without adding some extra interpretation. So for example, when he says:
“If you take a super car and drop the caster it will take a corner better at low speeds but will be handle terribly at speeds.”
does he actually mean
“If you take a super car, drop the caster, and increase the camber to compensate, it will take a corner better at low speeds but will be handle terribly at speeds.” ?

If I assume my extra wording above is what he means, I’m trying to work out why it would be the case. Is it because at higher speeds, you can’t turn through as small a radius, so aren’t turning the wheels as far, and hence the caster will have less effect?

I keep caster around 4.7-5.0 for the majority of my super cars. Most time that lines up camber at right around 1.8-1.5 F and 1.0-0.8 in the rear.

caster is like a camber multiplier, as you turn the steering to full lock camber is increased by how much caster
your camber may be set to -2.0 and when you go full steering lock your camber may be as high as -5.0

bring up telemetry and look at the camber effect as you change caster.

yeah, camber/caster isnt truly working the way it should, as well as some other settings as well, imho pf course…all I have to do is point to the mosler and people going 294 and draggin the back of the car on the ground, I know, as I am one of them lol although I do have my own personal tune that doesnt drag its butt, but it also does not go 290+ mph, and my tune is more of a “realistic” tune for a real car, not a pixel car :smiley: Excellant game and I am having loads of fun, new group is also slowly growing as well…now just to figure out how to work adventures and team/group activities and Ill be off to the race’s with fun set to max :slight_smile: