CamaroGuy96 FH2 Gallery - Update 5/17

Looking forward to photography in this game. It’s absolutely beautiful. Here are my first few shots. The 360 Challenge Stradale is rather photogenic.

As always, all comments and critiques are welcome!

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second pic is stunning!!!


A couple more from last night:

Lovin’ it!!

Great photos!

Photo drop:

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More more more…

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Excellent work! That corvette photo is sick :slight_smile:

I agree, when I saw this photo I said to myself oh f…k!

Man, those pictures are amazing. I really need to buy XB1 and this beautiful game.

Thanks fellas!

It’s always nice to see some familiar names from Forzacentral, especially in the Media Center :slight_smile:

From your recent set, this one is my favorite:

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Some excellent shots here, almost life like, keep up the great work :wink:

More :slight_smile:


Whoa!! The pics of the Jag and Jeep are amazing!!! Very nice work.

My god what a photo. The lighting is spot on!

Also, I find something very funny. I have a friend and his gamer tag happens to be Camaroboy69. Your names are so similar haha

I’ve always loved Forza-tography but this game is turning it into an addiction. I think I’m spending as much time in photomode as I am driving haha
Some more:

Out of all the shots, I have decided to pick this one as my favourite since the overall layout works for such a close-up.

A few new ones: