Camaro ZL1 LE and Corvette ZR1 LE doesnt have adjustable rear wings

Unless you want to install those ugly Forza Wang behind them. It’s not acceptable at all. These are track specific cars and the wings should have the ability to adjust the downforce. UGH. Also, the ZR1 LE has no adjustable springs but the ZL1 LE has.

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The 1LE’s springs are adjustable race springs by default, which is why you don’t see an option to buy them.

What irks me is that we got this as one of our Car Pass purchases. A slower, more grippy version of a Camaro we already had in the game?

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And PO camaro you can install front aero but can’t adjust that at all and dont even give anymore downforce than stock front bumber.

Why should the stock spoilers be magically adjustable. No other fixed spoiler has mysterious tuning powers without fitting on an FE spoiler. So it is ugly? Then dont tune it to a high power rating.

Performance isnt pretty.

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Maybe it should be adjustable because it’s adjustable in real world. And in game there is allready some cars that you can adjust stock rear wing but then there is cars where is adjustable rear wing in real life but not in the game.


Oh? Stock IS adjustable on camaro? I had never seen, nor can I find any picture or documentation of its adjustability. Just a fix post carbon fiber spoiler on the ZL1 LE. I was only addressing the camaro. But if the ZR1 with pedestal spoiler doesnt have adjustability… Booo!!!

Is the real car adjustable?

If so, get in line. My GT3s haven’t been adjustable in a while and need to be fixed first. :wink:

The ZR1 with the ZTK package(in the game) comes with an adjustable rear wing. The Camaro ZL1 1LE is a fixed carbon fiber wing and not adjustable. The sound file for the ZR1 sounds identical to the ZO6 even though the ZR1 has the new LT5 engine so this isn’t too surprising :disappointed_relieved:

And the Vette is supposed to have the meanest sounding exhaust ever with its high temp and flow damper system

Totally agree if it is stock from factory adjustable it should be stock adjustable in game. I never do rear aero just b/c of ridiculous wings. GT3 guy (nightdriver) exactly I’m not changing the look of that with some Pep Boys looking wing.
Also the alternate Chevy wing option should be the “low wing” (best looking factory option IMO). That should be the nonadjustable stock version. There isn’t even a wing delete option from factory but they show that as a Chevy thing.

okay done bickering brilliant game, love it

Given that the stock wing of the C7 Z06 is adjustable in-game, you’d think they’d copy that into the C7 ZR1.

After all, they cut-and-pasted a few other things from the in-game Z06 into the ZR1, so why not this as well?

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