California Drifter achievement

Just out of curiosity (and several failed attempts), I decided to see what the cut-off was for 15k points on the leaderboard. 949th place is the last person to squeak through, out of 102,623, for a percentage of 0.009257184062052, or less than 1%. Less than one percent of the people who have attempted this, have received this achievement!

Yes … and NO !

Without having checked your numbers …

When you assume only 949 people unlocked this achievement, no.

On the leaderboard only CLEAN LAPS are listed.

This means 949 players unlocked (or could have) the achievement with ONE CLEAN LAP.

But you don’t need a clean lap to unlock.

Everything making your lap DIRTY has no effect.

You can crash, drive “offroad” and first of all use the REWIND function.

This will make it kind of easy for everybody.

And those who say it’s way to tough, can just think about the almost 1000 people who did it with just one clean lap.

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1st place is only 24k points, barely more than 50% more than the requirement.

By comparison, the 100k drift achievement was easier.

24000 has nothing to do with the achievement. It’s the leaderboard (= clean lap!).

You can do 30.000 / 40.000 and more points in a DIRTY lap to unlock. The leaderboard still shows only your best CLEAN LAP.

Tenthousands of players unlocked the achievement with a dirty lap. Not 949 …

Regardless, noobserstoon, that achievement is hard to obtain for the players who are used to racing and not drifting.

Trying to help you guys, here is a link to SatNiteEduardo1’s video, offering a tutorial to get the achievement. You can trust his way because he is one THE BEST players on the track like on Horizon 2.

No. What i tried to explain is, that EVERYBODY can unlock it by using REWIND.

Yes, it is very difficult if you want to do it in one clean lap. But there’s no need to.
Btw … i’m THE WORST DRIFTER in the world, and even i unlocked it.

Just drift the first turn. If it was good, continue with the next one. If it was bad, use REWIND and try the turn again. If it was still bad, REWIND and again and again and again.
For some the whole lap will take a hour or even more. But in the end i still think it’s possible for everybody.

There are also a couple of different lists like this one, tell you how many points you should get in every turn to reach the 15.000 in the end.

Good luck everybody!

Not to mention those who did this while NOT connected to Live - will give the achievement, but a lap is only added to the leaderboard when you are connected to Live for the whole lap.

According to - there are 94,032 gamers who have been tracked as playing FM5, and 1,451 have unlocked it (1.54%).

I don’t have it. It’s tough.

Dont worry swerve i dont have it either. I think to us circuit guys it almost feels unnatural to do this.

Lol true story. I’ve gotten better at drifting but I suck at this track anyways and drifting isn’t helping. Also clueless on what tunes to use. Lol. I would try again if I could get the paint job achievements but there’s no point if 100% completion isn’t possible for me.

i do a little drifting when I get bored of racing, Not really too much in FM5 because they took away my 2 fav plaves to drift at and I dont really compete because I aint that good at it. A legit 15K is going to be tough

If you set a clean lap while attempting this achievement, then you can only get the achievement when you get 15k on a clean lap. That’s what happened to me. I have hit over 15k about 3 times using rewind, but because I previously set a clean lap, the achievement will not pop until I do it cleanly. It is the only achievement I’m missing for Forza 5 and it’s a shame that it’s so difficult to achieve with a clean lap.

the highest drift points i had was about 2400, this one to get 15k is way too much

Do i really need drive manual with clutch? i hate driving with manual :confused: