C6 ZR1 VS. C7 Vette Z06

So while racing the new Z06 I noticed something felt super off about the car. It pulls great and feels great all the way up to about 150mph. After 150mph it feels like it completely drops in power. So I did a test.

C6 ZR1 Vette:
Stupidcharged 895 HP 752LB-FT
3,289 LBS

C7 Z06 Vette:
Stupidcharged 896 HP 785LB-FT
3,248 LBS

RACE: 1 Mile straight on the test track. Both cars on the widest tire available and on drag radials.

C6 made it in about 24.3 seconds launching full throttle at exactly 10 seconds.
C7 made it in about 25.1 seconds launching full throttle at exaclty 10 seconds.

I did this test several times. I say “about” because in FM6 it kicks you out of the race once it’s over so you can’t see the time. You have to look at the time stop while racing. A huge annoyance if you like drag racing.

So why the slower time for the C7? I’m thinking the 8 speed gearbox slows it down with odd gear ratios but I messed around with 4th and 5th gear to give some more accel but I get the same slow time and while racing in S class with lower power levels it just feels sluggish at around 150MPH and I get passed in the straights. Also, the C6 ZR1 sounds SO much better.

BTW I made the Chevy SS to the same power levels with more weight and I got a faster time than the C7 Z06!

The C7 Z06 generates a significant amount of downforce in comparison to the ZR1 and it probably the culprit of the high mph acceleration dropoff.

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It’s called drag and the Z06 has a lot of it.

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The C7 Z06 wasn’t built to be a car with high top speed of to be used in drag racing. It was designed to kick butt on the race track.

In the real world having a top speed of over 185 mph doesn’t matter. Wen will you use it? On most race tracks you can also gt by having a “lower” top speed if you can do well on the straights and be quick in the corners - just take a look at the Lightning Lap this year where the C7 Z06 beats the McLaren 650S around VIR.

The Z06 is a real track car that’s built for the purpose of winning if you choose to track it. Though it will win many, it may not win every stoplight drag race but that’s not the point.

Completely understand. Just didn’t think it was that bad. Almost a second difference and if anyone in the real world that buys the Z06 for straight line runs or 1 mile runs they might get disappointed. I know here in Houston where I live we had Texas 2K15 hosted here and had crazy top speed runs with TT Lambos and such hitting upwards of 200MPH.

Ah makes sense. Didn’t think drag would make such a huge difference in stock form but the Z06 does handle better, I’ll give it that.

Don’t care.

A Corvette wins either way, so I’m good.

The z06 has adjustable rear downforce. Have you tried lowering it all the way in tune setup?

I did and there is no difference. Now that you mentioned it, I went back and went wingless and yeilded some better results. 24.7 seconds. Still the Zr1 is faster and I ruined the handling of the Z06 lol.