BxrdyDesigns Showcase!

Hello everybody! Welcome to my design showcase. My name is Damien but better known as Bxrdy. (Birdy) Im a Forza livery painter who started off painting on Forza Horizon 2. I hope you all enjoy my work and if so please let me know! I mainly paint replica designs anything from FD paints to rally designs. To any upcoming artists, “A challenge will increase your skills to open the first door in your hallway, your fans will the rest with you!” -Bxrdy

To see any new updates/teasers on my paints check my twitter: https://twitter.com/BxrdyDesigns
Also come add me on Xbox. My gamertag is Bxrdy

Below you will see a link to my portfolio of my current designs all shared on Forza Horizon 2. Enjoy!!


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