Buying cars

looking for this cars:

Extreme E #125, 44, 5, 6, 58
Morris Minor Series 2 Traveler
Plymouth Barracuda Formula-s
Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate

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Bruh you can get the Bx4TC next week in the festival Playlist

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i know:)

How much would you pay for an AT37?

idk. what is max price on auction ? i cant pay to much :slight_smile: i`ll better wait when it will be available

K, GL then

check my most recent post I have several of the cars your hunting for

How much you pay for AT37, Javelin, Gmkhana Focus 9

Would u sell me the hoonigan 9 and the javelin ? If yes dm me on Xbox with the same username

i have sierra 700r for sell , how much you want to pay for it? its hard to find

got javelin and sierra 700r just by sniping xD

Shoot, I got one too, BUT want a second (OCD)…I’d pay 20 mill…