Builders Cup series for D and E class cars

There are tons of lovely older and lower class cars with no Builder’s Cup races. Could we please have a lower classes open builder’s cup. Say E Class US and US Fantasy series and D Class Euro and World Series? Or possibly do a pre-1970 Builders Cup and a Builders Cup for 1970s cars?
As it is it feels like an RPG with no content for half of the classes to build on the Carpg idea. Is it to much to ask that the Clerics and the Rangers be allowed to participate in your campaign? Otherwise just delete every car below C Class since you made zero provision for using them.


Totally agree. I’ve been doing a “crapbox showdown” (apparently can’t say the S word, but I do not mean to use “crap”) with friends and the cars are fun.

The tracks play differently for slow car, so it feels like a new experience.



That would be awespme ,I son’t bother with the carreer builders cup,because to get to what I want to race they make me drind thru crap I won’t race lol… so Career is a joke.

Pretty much the same could be said for R, P, and X classes as well. There are some events that rotate in for the monthly featured events, but as far as Builder’s Cup is concerned, it’s like Turn 10 figured no one cares about anything other than C through S class. :man_shrugging: