Bug report thread....the return

As before, I wanted to provide a thread where community members and Turn 10 staff can come and report/report on bugs/glitches in-game. Again, my intention is to provide a problem/solution thread for in-game bugs/glitches and not a constant complaint thread.

I’m guessing I’ll be seeing more bug/glitch threads started. Again, an opportunity for the mods to merge the threads here, if so desired (and if possible with the new forums).

If you have a work-around for a problem, please share. Of course, there is always the option to report it to Turn 10’s E-mail: forzafb@microsoft.com. By the way…yes they do read them eventually, as I’ve been informed by some of the more veteran forum members.

My current bug is the fact when downloading a design, using free-look, and then backing out, the game doesn’t return to the previous position along the display. I’m at the current search location but the screen won’t display the mini-icon’s for the designs properly. Hope that makes sense. Any solution’s to that?

Bug Report Thread