Is there a breakdown of the Forza hub points earned for each category?
For example
Unique mods are a total of 250 points I have 205 points how many unique mods are needed? In other words how many points per unique mod?

Same with driver level how many points per level? What level gets you all 350 points?

Likewise with gamerscore etc…

I’d like to know it for all games in the hub although I’m focused on 5 , 6 right now my PC won’t do apex but working on that smh

Then going back to 3,4
Ì I’d like to get to level 10 for Horizon 3’s release
So I’m shirt on time I’m at 7,632 atm but it will go up a bit today.

I need more cars in 5 if like to know how many to buy?

You get the idea thanks

Click on the REWARDS tab above, then choose OVERVIEW., Once on that page, select the game you are looking for and click it. You can choose between Scores and Details. Each game has its own set of rewards, with unique requirements.

(Horizon 2 Fast and Furious is a quick 500 points.)

Good luck, and get at it quickly. Sometimes it takes awhile for rewards to update correctly.

Is this what you are looking for?


I understand that is pretty clear from my post, I need to know what I need to finish certain categories
Example in Forza 5 you need to but a certain amount of cars to get all the points I want to know how many cars and how many points each car is worth

In Forza 6 how many points is each unique mood worth

It’s all stated clearly in my original post perhaps try reading it again.
Thanks for you enthusiasm

|Sorry my directions were not clear enough for you. I stated you can chose between Score and Details, but I guess I didn’t give enough details on how to use this information.

Yes, as Talby further elaborated, choose details for each category., and divide the number in the Score tab by the number in the detail tab for any category you choose, and you will have your answer


If you looked at the overview it does tell you
There’s 2 parts to it…click on the game…then click on details
50 badges gets you 350 points…so 7 points each
50 mods get 250 points so 5 points each
Easier if using a pc though


Hey sorry guys I replied to this 9 days ago seems it didn’t post.
You are correct it is easy on PC I went on a PC and it was right there.
One thing that makes it easier is that it isn’t available to do on Xbox one or it is very hidden and very secret

Thanks guy

Sorry about the confusion.

Hope they add it to Xbox one