Brake bias

Hello. On the forzatune app it gives you a percentage to tune your brake bias to. What are your opinions on this? On some setups I see people keeping it even at 50. I think many recommend having the force bias towards the front? What are the effects and advantages etc of the different setups?

brake bias toward the rear means more oversteer when the brakes are applied. so if you hit the brakes and the cars oversteers more the slider toward the front. 48 to 55 is a good range for brake bias.

I use the same break Bias and pressure on every setup it just seem like a preference thing to me tbh, 55% to the front with 110% pressure. I dont use any formula, that just feels right to me

in most cases its 49-55% for me, depends on tire wide, weight distribution and weight transfer while braking. i set it so, that the front tires lock a little before the rear tires do. if i brake to hard in to corners, it understeers only a bit. lock the rear tires first, the car overersteers and often spins out from the track.

edit: this way is only better if like to brake hard on the straights and start to accelerate before the apex. got this habit from driving motorcycle.

Quite a few cars i have been going as low as 45%. Seems to brake very well and it starts the turn very quickly.

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I tend to run somewhere between 43-40%. If you look at the stats that is where the braking distance is the shortest. I do run ABS which probably makes a huge difference with where you can put the bias. I haven’t run ABS in past Forzas, but for some reason in 6 I have trouble with locking the brakes up.

I was locking up the brakes in fm6 as well. Try lowering your brake pressure. That corrected the problem for me.

Honestly, I’m not that concerned about it. I’ve never really been big on shaving milliseconds off my lap times and it is only a 2% difference in money.

Your brake balance setting depends largely upon the weight distribution of any given vehicle. During hard braking the weight of the entire vehicle shifts forward. We’ve all seen this in our daily driving. When you brake hard in your car the front end dips down. Those of you who are locking your brakes often may be using incorrect brake bias settings. From what I’ve seen the most common problem here is not enough braking in the front. Or, to say it in a better way, too much braking in the rear. Because the weight is shifting forward during braking the rear end of your car is momentarily lighter. This leads to a tendency for the rear wheels to lock up before the front because there is less weight on them. When this happens the locked wheels tend to want to “lead” the car. The front wheels are still braking effectively but the rear have locked and have lost any effective grip that they had. The rear of your car wants to travel faster than the front. Unless your car is traveling in a perfectly straight line on a perfectly level surface the rear end will come around on you. Your spring settings will come into play here too. If you have a stiffer setup on them less weight transfer will occur. All this stuff is connected when you tune your suspension and your brakes.

On a RWD car with 52% forward weight I normally start with a brake balance of around 48%. Some cars with mid or rear engines will have around 42% forward weight. With these I start my tuning with a brake balance of around 54%. These are starting numbers and sometimes have to be adjusted a bit but are usually pretty close. It’s what works for me. For those that have used my tunes you might have noticed that I do prefer a higher brake pressure setting. I prefer to brake with a fine touch rather than having to mash the brakes with a 110% or 115% setting.

As an example, I have recently tuned a McLaren #98 12C GT3. It has a forward weight of 45%. The final tune has a brake bias setting of 52%. It’s what works for that car. One thing to keep in mind. This a race car with a lower center of gravity than most other cars. Less weight transfer takes place from rear to front with a lower center of gravity. Just because my car with a 45% forward weight with 52% brake balance brakes well doesn’t mean that a car you tune with similar numbers will brake well. It is likely that you will have to test and make small adjustments.

Once you get a feel for it tuning the brakes is not that difficult. It’s one of the first things I do when tuning after getting my tires set properly. Just keep in mind that if you do this you may need to adjust the bias after your final suspension settings have been made.

Man, I could go on about this stuff all day but I’ll stop. :slight_smile: Hope this helps some of you…

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Yes, this helps. Thanks!

45 to 47 has been my range

I use a combination of engine braking and brakes… Set my bias up for best return on grip, then set the decel lock to prevent the rear coming round on the car in the event it lock up. Result it a high decel lock a 50-58% bias and 152% pressure generally and suffer very little lock ups. It also prevent torque locking when braking hard and dropping down through the gears