Bought Wheelstand Pro V2, and Ferrari Spider wheel

I bought the add-on T3PA- PRO pedals to go along with my wheelstand pro, and my existing thrustmaster 458 spider wheel and pedals. In theory would the pedals be plug and play with my wheels or would i have to drop 400$ on a new wheel

The T3pa and T3pa pro pedals both are plug and play with the 458 Spider. The only unfortunate part about the Spider wheel is you can’t use the TH8A shifter with it. But you should be fine with the pedals.

Thanks for the fast reply, unfortunately I have a friend who is selling me a cheap mad catz wheel that I plan to buy so now I run into a problem with my existing stand being compatible with thrustmasters.
I hope I can McGyver it and make it work. Anyone have tips for that?

Just make sure it’s compatible with the XB1. The only madcatz wheel that’s compatible with the XB1 right now goes for $400 and called the pro racing wheel for XB1.