BMW Z8 1999-2002

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This topic is for the BMW variant of this model, for voting on the Alpina replacement click here.

This model has appeared in Forza as the:

  • 1999 James Bond Edition BMW Z8 (FH4)
  • 2000 BMW Z8 (FM4-FM7)

It would be a great addition to FH5.


If it gets added PLEASE make sure you can put the big country labs wing on it. Z8+big wang gang=amazing



Was so sad discovering its not in FH5, please add this beauty

I think they will add it along side with the Renault Clio.

As an A 707 class.

That’s a fan-made image made in Photoshop, nothing official has been said about either of those cars or even the Backstage system in FH5.

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But it can be true.

But it wouldn’t be because of this., rather inspite of it

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