BMW Nazca 1991-1993 (M12, C2)

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BMW Nazca / Italdesign Nazca

This topic includes the Nazca M12, C2 Coupé and the C2 Spider.


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Which versions do you prefer?

  • M12
  • C2
  • C2 Spider
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would love to see the M12 also:


NFS 3: hot pursuit, amazing memories on this game


A proposed successor to the mighty M1, the Nazca concepts were based on the design for the revival of Bugatti in the early 90s by ItalDesign. The most potent one was the last of the three, the Nazca M2 Spider. Producing 380 PS from its V12 shared with the 850CSi, the Spider weighed just 1000 kg. With a 6-speed manual, this could have been one of the legendary supercars of the 1990s. BMW might also have installed the 550 PS V12 from the proposed M8, which would have put it close to the Bugatti EB110 and Jaguar XJ220, the fastest cars of the mid-90s. One must also wonder if BMW would have been willing to give its engine to McLaren for the legendary F1, had they had a direct rival in their showrooms…



The Coupé Version

Performance Figures:

Engine: 5L BMW V12 with 350hp and 347lb-ft of Torque

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Gearbox

Weight: 1000kg

Top Speed: 182mph

Acceleration: 0-62mph in 4.1s

More info on both in here


The Spider Version

Performance Changes:

Engine: 5.7L BMW V12 with 380hp

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

No data on the rest of the changes unfortunately


I want BMW Nazca C2 Concept from NFS III: Hot Pursuit)


NFS 3, my favourite game ever


BMW Nazca M12

BMW Nazca C2

BMW Nazca C2 Spider

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