Bugatti EB112 1993/1998

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Bugatti EB112


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The EB112 was supposed to be the second model from the Italian Bugatti revival in the 90s, a luxury sedan to sit alongside the EB110 supercar. In a bit of foreshadowing, the 456 PS V12 in the EB112 was designed by Volkswagen, making do with no turbos, as opposed to the 110’s 4. The body was all-aluminium and the chassis was carbon fiber, shared with the EB110, as was the all-wheel drive system. That helped to keep the weight under control, with the EB112 weighing in at just 1800 kg. As the parent company went bankrupt in 1995, the 112 never went into production, but three unfinished cars were completed in 1998. One of them was seen driving around Monaco, while the original 1993 prototype in owned by ItalDesign. There have been other attempts to make a 4-door modern Bugatti since then, but the EB218 and 16C Galiber projects died even more quickly than the EB112, leaving the 3 produced cars the only non-supercars Bugatti has made since 1952.