BMW Car Meet in FH5 (Open Lobby)

Come show off your paints and builds! LIVE tonight @ 5:30PM EST

it is possible to collect your announcements in a single thread instead of starting a new one each time?

Need Mod powers to do proper aggregation and editing top line. I’d suggest just ignoring these types of posts?

@Flexman_Esq nah man just do you its a game and there is never a wrong way to do things. all about personal preference. which is why cars IRL are so awesome to begin with

@Stevio2175: I’ll show up if I find time. :wink:

@Stevio2175 where do i show up if i have the time to join?

It’s best to watch the stream. This way you’ll see if he’s starting a convoy and can message him via the Xbox Game Bar if you want to join.

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Sounds like @Ti_Hsien’s worst nightmare.

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