Blueprints for convoy leaders & cruises

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of cruising so I started building tracks that are convoy friendly for cruises. These tracks have little to no checkpoints but are very well marked. I run then often in my daily convoys and people enjoy them so if you run convoys and want to try something different check these out. Little by little I will be adding more. These are also not prop% heavy so load time is not bad

GT: JJoey Rocket
Off Road Jungle Expedition Cruise (Day) 305-463-640
Off Road Jungle Expedition Cruise (Night) 101-395-717
Off Road Jungle Expedition Cruise (Tropical Storm) 439-034-502
Forza Horizon 5 Custom Track Off Road Expedition Jungle Cruise 305-463-640 - YouTube

Extreme Rally Cruise Expedition 142-073-367