Blueprint option to save custom car selection templates for races

When creating a blueprint, instead of selecting Anything Goes to include all cars to be able to race against, we should have the option to select certain categories (for example all rally cars classic, retro and modern, of which there are more than 50) - so when making a blueprint or custom race as I often do, I want to include all rally cars, some hot hatches, the E30 M3 which is under Retro Saloons and the Datsun 510 which is under Cult cars. I should be able to make my selection, and save this template so I don’t have to do it every time I make a blueprint or Event Lab race.

I’m unsure about this, but I would like to think this would also mean the drivatars wouldn’t be trucks and Supercars as they often are when selecting ‘Anything goes’. Having this ability would make the racing far more authentic to have rally based vehicles racing cars of the same kind.

I really hope this suggestion is considered as I think racing trucks in a car race ruins the game, and having to select the cars manually every time is annoying, especially when you realise you have forgotten one or two and have to do it again.

I think you can select the individual cars you want to be pickable within categories.

I did that for a Rally blueprint I made, because I wanted to offer the maximum choice, including things like Ford Sierra Coworth which had rally success too (Jimmy McRae etc).

I think everyone has their own favourite car and era, and so I wanted to reflect that. It sounds like you feel the same way.

Could you post the Share Code for your event here? I’d like to give it a go.

he’s saying once you’ve picked 50 cars in different car categories, it doesn’t let you pick any more and sometimes there are more than 50 cars in multiple car categories.

I sometimes get this issue too when making blueprints, ( more than 50 cars in Retro/ Hot/ Super Hot Hatch). I also kinda wish you could pick your starting grid cars and the order of where they start.

Yeah I’d like to save a selection of cars as a group that I would usually choose to race with or against. Saving as a group would mean I don’t have to choose them every time I make a route and I’d be racing against similar cars too. Doesn’t necessarily mean I’d have more than 50, but I like to select rally cars of the past and an E30 M3 is in retro saloons and others are in rally categories. Simplifying the selection would be excellent.