Blueprint creator issue sprints vs circuits

I’ve created about 10 custom routes/blueprints.

I’ve noticed that if the race is a circuit It creates just as I made it – all objects remain in place.

If I create it as point-to-point, then after I publish it, the track has all objects (ramps, obstacles, signs) mysteriously removed. Only checkpoints appear. Even though everything was there in the test, they’re gone in the public race.

(In the weirdest example, a large ramp that I’d built to go over a boulder has the driving line showing going up and over the rock, but that’s now impossible. The drivatars simply crash into rock and will not go around it.)

I can kind of overlook drivatars following the iffy driving line like a rubber band, but a couple of my races are now garbage without the original objects I placed using the creator.

Anyone know if there’s a way around this? (losing your objects?)

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