Blancpain GT Series Update- NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN!

Hello again,

There is now a website up for the Blancpain GT Series replica. Again, I will go over the basic rules.


Any GTE, GT3, or GTLM car can be used EXCEPT the Aston Martin and the AWD Lamborghinis. Custom paints are allowed, but there cannot be two cars with the same livery. You can use the default livery for the cars, but if we find two cars on testing day with the same livery, one will be asked to change it. Whether it is a custom or storefront paint does not matter.


-Clean racing ONLY. If you see a reckless driver, please record some footage with Xbox’s “record that” feature and send it to me.

-Rear wheel drive cars only.

-TCS and STM will be forced off.

-Upgrade cars to NO HIGHER than R840. There will be a limit in the lobby to R840.

-There will NOT be a forced camera view.

-There will be an 18 minute practice session and a 13 minute qualifying session before the Saturday races, and one 13 minute practice session on Sunday races. The grid for the Sunday races will be the reverse finishing order as the Saturday race.


I have moved most of the information to a website. Here it is: http://racingclubmanager…club_home.cfm?club=1076
It is still under construction, but it should be done either tonight or tomorrow.

In the top left it should say “RACINGT”. If that is there, click on “Ask to Join”. Fill out the registration, and in the description box at the bottom, tell me your car and the days you can race. You can write about the prompts, but you don’t have to.

ALL INFORMATION will now be on the website, so check it out.