black VW bug

Hi all,
I installed the alpine car pack this morning
But I got a problem this afternoon : I was trying to run a VIP rival event using my C6R but my FM5 crashed.
I quitted FM5 using the contextual menu.
I restarted FM5 but my C6R is in my garage anymore (no car vignette). I have all my others cars but when I select one of them, the 3d model displayed is a black VW bora (ou jetta)
I tried to run a career race but my car and all others cars are black jetta.
I also tried an online race but FM5 stop responding on track loading display

What do you recommand me? desintall all addons / desinstall completly FM5 for my xbox 1. I did not want to loose my VIP status and gift cars

Thanks for your help

Have you tried a full power off, leave 30 seconds and restart?

I tried to switch it off for some minutes. It appear to be the same.
I tried to buy a new car and FM5 hang up after community paint selection > looks like a 3d model issue :frowning:

I’d suggest you follow this information: Xbox Support, specifically Solution for Scenario 2: After installing an update to the Xbox One console.

After doing that and reconnecting, restarting the Xbox One console, you will have the latest update(s) sent to you. DO NOT do anything while the system is updating, even if it says “Ready to play.” Let the updates FULLY finish.

Some news : I solved the problem by reinstalling FM5 (it took two nights to download the 8go content but it worth it)
I had to buy again the C6R that caused the first crash (no preview was displayed in my garage) but all others cars are fine