BIGTIME MUSCLE Presents the Monthly Livery Gallery - August Showcase

We here at BigTime Muscle are always looking for new ways to keep the Forza 4 forums alive and kicking. To that effect we decided to do a little something different and transition from a Monthly Livery Contest to a Monthly Livery Gallery Showcase. This will allow all painters regardless of club affiliations to showcase their freshest, newest and best liveries every month.


  1. Try to keep each post to 3 pictures…this thread could generate a lot of posts and we’d like to keep load times from getting too crazy.
  2. Post as many cars as you’d like. These threads will basically be the “greatest hits” gallery each month so feel free to contribute.
  3. Try to use new designs. where possible, to keep the thread as fresh as can be…the intent is to keep Forza4 alive and well so showcasing new work is a plus.
  4. Have fun, comments welcome but please try to keep things civil…we don’t need arguments breaking out between people.
  5. Purchase/Download information can be included, if you want…that way people know where to go to get the designs being showcased.

We’ll be doing this every month, if it’s a popular idea, so check back often to see what’s been added and to check out what’s new in the world of Forza4

Last but Not Least:

We here at BigTime Muscle believe that nobody should ever leave empty handed. So, every month one of our members will offer up 1 or More designs on their storefront for free unlimited download. This design will basically be the prize for joining in on the fun and a reward for keeping Forza4 alive and well.

I’ll be kicking that off this month as the guinea pig for this idea…so please feel free to swing by my storefront and pick up one or both of these designs. They will be available for the entire month of August and then they’ll be gone…I have included the searchable key words so you can find them easier.

Common Sense with Dan Carlin Podcast - Toyota Supra Super GT racecar
Search: DSP Common Supra

Target Cartwheel Chevrolet Cobalt
Search: DSP Target Cobalt

Thank you all in advance for your support and let’s have some fun.

I’m liking this new format! I’ll go ahead and throw in my latest car, my custom Supercharged Synergy Camaro ZL1.

It’s meant to be a clean and cool street racer livery. It features lots of black accenting, dual stripes, Supercharged hood badges, hood pins, black steel fuel door cover, side vents, plus aftermarket parts logos on the sides (K&N, Michelin, Konig, and Brembo). It’s a relatively simple design, but I’m very happy with how it turned out. I also made a fun and quick s-class tune for it, so it drives as good as it looks.

I made it as a prize car exclusively for voldemortt’s latest comp, the [BTM] Camaro Sunset Challenge. All you have to do to win it is post a lap time for the comp.

Thanks for hosting livery events again, D!

Liking this idea, DS ;] It will allow ANYONE - club member or not to show off their latest designs and then everyone has a good time - like this idea ;] Love your latest designs, DS - excellent as always ;]

Yakov, really liking how clean this one came out - Classic, sporty, and stealth all in one awesome car. The ZL1 Camaro is one of my favorite Chevrolet’s offered in the game - too bad DLC - great job ;]

I will keep this chain going with my latest offering -" Forza 4 Dreams " Shelby GT500 - sums it up for me and many others still enjoying the game ;] Available in my storefront for a limited time as I have only but a few open slots to utilize for new designs - so this one will be leaving soon.

So come on community - show us your stuff ;]


I’m not immune to the prospect of posting up cars in here…which is a nice change of pace.

First up…my latest completed design, The Vault 2010 Vauxhall Insignia VXR:

  • Available on my storefront for unlimited download, search DSP Vault Vauxhall

Just grabbed this and the “for a limited time only” Supra and Cobalt…lov’em!!


Great idea D. Bring some good memories back.

@ Yakov. Nice Camaro - particularly love the attention to detail.

@ KOOL - Like your design and the slogon is is a wise man’s words.

Hi Guys

Here is my latest design. Its my GTR inspired by the 2016 GTR Nismo. Ive tuned this one specifically for the Nürburgring.

The design and tune will be in my SF for free.

n1 by Helgie Strydom, on Flickr

n2 by Helgie Strydom, on Flickr


Great stuff, Paunchy ;] Will be downloading and rating - Thanks for the post, bud ;]

some nice paints in here great work guys!
I will start with 2 of my replica paints of the 2 main characters from the old cannonball movie with David Carradine
1st the Doge Charger

2nd the Pontiac Firebird

Hope you like it

Very cool ;] Are these both available on your storefront ?

Thx Kool and yes both paints in my sf for 1k each Keyword cannonball

Very nice rides guys!!! Hopefully have something up soon!

Hi all … don’t forget DS, you can post here too… lol

Forza 4 … still kicking and screaming… thanks

Ok, here is one photo of my Dart. It’s free in my SF and actually have one up in the Auction House now. Thanks!

New ones lookin’ sharp - MIKEY/Elm - will be sure to get my copies of these ones ;]

Hey all. Not sure if this is the right place to put this post, but here it is anyway.
I just made a new livery and wanted to show it, but there is only the August going and we into Sept. now but here goes anyway.
this is my race car for the xbox racing league series that starts this Sunday 5 pm EST. hope you like it.
The only difference is I will be taking my number boards, name and club VG’s off the car for the SF, and will be posting the car for 2K on my SF.
and if I get good enough reviews I will put it up 20 for free cars.

And Because we are a team of two cars I did the same car but reversed the yellow and green.

Rustable Wizard's car

All the VG’s are my own making( Exept the number boards and the Car wars logo. I did alter it and it is my club’s logo. But they wont be on the car in the SF. ), and the paint scheme also my own. there are slight differences between the two cars, but only because of the colour changes and they are quite minor.

(and yes I am Canadian so I spell colour with a U, deal with it I had it driven into my head as a kid in school)



Very nice phred ;]