Bigtime muscle - k.o.t.t. challenge - sept. - "the endless war" - final results

HERE WE GO AGAIN !! - 100 million for first place and 50 million for anyone beating the KING !!! KING OF THE TRACK RIVALS CHALLENGE !! This is a great, fun way to keep our Forza 4 community involved and have some healthy competition !!! Anyone who is still involved in Forza 4 is encouraged To participate. Here’s how it works…


Monthly, a certain track will be chosen - and a car…OR TWO.

The “King” will provide an initial time in which to beat - players will then have 3 weeks to beat this time - The “King” will have the option to beat his first time and post 2 other faster times - each time - his time is updated - players have the option to update their own times to beat new “fast time”.

Contests will run for a 3 week period.

Players must post their times here in this thread AND save their replay in storefront and label “KOTT 14- RIVALS”

When posting your times on the thread, please state WHAT LAP you are referring to.

When posting your time - give me COMPLETE time ex. 2:22.222

If updating your time with a new replay, please delete previous replay you posted before

At the end of the 3 week period, anyone who has beat the most recent fast time of the “King” will receive 50 million credits.

The fastest time of the month overall will receive 100 million credits, and 3 of any of the prize cars provided by the boys at BIGTIME MUSCLE - Next Rivals - a new KING will be randomly drawn from that months participants.


  • Players must post their times here in the forum AND must save/provide replay in storefront - labeled “KOTT 14 - RIVALS”

  • You CANNOT post times for other players.

  • IF you have banned from the forums - YOU CANNOT ENTER.

  • NO HORSEPOWER UPGRADES ARE ALLOWED - Car must run factory horsepower specs - NO CONVERSIONS ALLOWED- no engine swaps - no aspiration conversions - no drive-train conversions - CAN NOT USE ANYTHING IN ENGINE CATEGORY OF UPGRADES. ONLY EXCEPTION RACE FLYWHEEL MAY BE USED - AS IT DOES NOT EFFECT HP -

Any other upgrades are allowed

Telemetry specs will be checked on provided/saved replays - GOES WITHOUT SAYING - ALL CONSIDERED LAP TIME TIMES MUST BE CLEAN LAPS - NO DIRTY LAP TIMES ALLOWED.

Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from current challenge and the next months challenge.

Players may post as many times as they wish - as long as improved times are posted and replays are saved


For this challenge we have chosen the 1970 Corvette ZR1 vs 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS
Try them both - each have their own strengths and weaknesses - see which one you can get the best time with ;]

Track - Road America

This months “KING” is pdingding who has posted his intial time of 2:29.796 in the Corvette

Ending FRIDAY, September 25 - midnight EST

If this sounds like somethin’ interesting, then get your best tunes and start posting some times - would really like to see lotta participation again - Good Luck !!


Lets get some color in this thread !! Take some cool shots and post, here, on the thread to add some “visual” to this rivals.

50 million for 1st Place photo – 30 million for 2nd and 20 million bonus for 3rd place photos for as well. Honorable Mentions will be awarded 10 million each. Lets see some photos of all this hard work :slight_smile:


There are no longer prize cars available, so grab up your souvenir from this month’s challenge with these FREE designs.
Reward yourself with both ;]

Corvette ZR1 - This design is by AlienatedElm42 and is available at HIS storefront

Porsche 911 Carrera 911 - this design is by, myself, KoolIROCZ1967 - and is available at my storefront


Final Results

2:22.239 - Rejus66 - Corvette
2:22.320 - WRT PERCY
2:22.585 - FrikkiTrikki - Corvette
2:22.984 - Yakov Alfa - Corvette - 100 million
2:24.468 - JazzyWriter - Porsche - 80 million
2:24.659 - HotLZ77 - Porsche
2:24.666 - Wan Ge 1 - Porsche
2:24.844 - cobuser - Porsche
2:24.854 - CFunk2001 - Corvette
2:25.007 - Delman21234 - Porsche
2:25.008 - WoodsyCanine37 - Corvette
2:25.164 - LeChuckSC - Corvette
2:25.170 - KING - Corvette
2:25.783 - CostlessCape - Corvette
2:26.341 - Stevengas - Porsche
2:26.503 - ChewyHarpy084 - Corvette
2:26.589 - deeps again - Corvette
2:26.800 - DRAGGINSLAYER - Corvette

Photo Comp Results

1st - Yakov Alfa - 50 Million

2nd - JazzyWriter3112 - 30 Million


3rd - TIE deeps again - StevenGas - 20 Million each

photo entries







deeps again

Yakov Alfa

Onelapmagic tunes are available, FREE at my, KoolIROCZ1967 storefront for the ones who want to start right away :] Great tunes from the master ;] Download and rate ;]

Just like Cedar Point lol welcome back riders haha
Lap 2
Replay up
Free tune in storefront

Lap 2
Replay up
Free tune in storefront

Pretty dang equal ;] Which one you gonna spend some more time with ;]

Well I worked on the Porsche by taking my T/C off lol that was one thing … I can hit high 27’s that way and the gear still needs stepped up a little to let it ring more

Probably work on the Porsche to adjust the gears and maybe take some cage out to improve accel since it drives like it’s on a rail anyway… the Vette will go faster as it sets I messed up in a few places … I will probably wind up setting the faster time in the Vette I bet tho … but yeah I thought I would put both up on here for the moment since they were almost a dead heat for me :slight_smile:


I just noticed the design for the Porsche … how fitting … I said it handled like it’s on a rail … a slot car track (AFX )would be spot on … I will have to pick that up for that

HotLZ77 <€;-}~
73 Porsche 2:24.659 Lap 8
Replay on SF

And the Porsche is the first to hit the 2:24’s =)

Nice run HotLZ =)

have run a few laps with the vette and wow he’s fast. have tune in sf. that’t the one i 'll use. i’m curious about your times. comming soon with first time.
thanks Kool…

Ok… I’m in… As soon as I can pull myself away from my girlfriends place.
Just one question though… pdingding?.. Who died and made you king… :wink:

Just has a quick go with both cars using onelaps tunes
Fastest time was the Vette 2:26.111 - lap 5
Close behind was the Porsche 2:26.445
Nice tunes and choice of Cars : )

I’ve not got the DLC, so it’s just the Corvette for me, but I’ve put in a half-decent initial time.

2:27.612, Lap 8

I need to work on my tune quite a lot before I’m ready to upload it.

I think based on my experience so far that the final target is going to be well inside 2:25, if not 2:20.

Side note: Anybody else find that the bonnet mod for the Corvette makes using cockpit view basically impossible? I normally use cockpit exclusively but I’m finding I have to go chase view due to having such limited visibility…

First go in the Porsche
Lap 5 - 2:26:227
Look forward to hopping in the Vette later…

Good cars and good track, thanks Kool.

Ran a 2:26:938 lap 4 in the ZR1
Will give the Porche a go but I do like my Vettes

Time update

Lap 4
Free new version 2 tune in store

I think some of you may like this new version … it’s a good mix of acceleration and handling … I really think I got this one dialed in. It’s just me that’s not dialed in :slight_smile:

Ran a 2:25.960 on lap 2 using the onelapmagic tuned '73 Porsche =)

Having fun running this one at the Rivals 911 Experience - currently #12,419 on LB

Just ran a 2:25.783 on lap 11 in the Vette…FUN STUFF!!

We have some great times starting to be posted ;] Glad you all are enjoying this month’s choice ;]

We may have limited participation this month, with 6 demo and anticipation for it’s release, BUT we will still march on in the name of ‘4’ !!! Anybody with me ??!!

Thanks for the support and great times STILL to come ;]

Really hoping still to see some KOTT ‘regulars’ participate in the HORSEPOWER CHALLENGE - some fun being had over there as well ;]

Hello to all.
I did a few laps with both cars and managed to do certified times of 2:26.962 with the Posche and 2:26.555 with the Corvette, using DRAGGINSLAYER01 tunes (nice work mister). Saved the replays but didn’t upload them to the sf cause I’m confident to do a little better lap times.

Thanks for your efforts KoolIROCZ1967. Marching alongside you in the name of 4.