Bigtime muscle - k.o.t.t. challenge - july - "under the radar" - results posted

HERE WE GO AGAIN !! - 100 million for first place and 50 million for anyone beating the KING !!! KING OF THE TRACK RIVALS CHALLENGE !! This is a great, fun way to keep our Forza 4 community involved and have some healthy competition !!! Anyone who is still involved in Forza 4 is encouraged and asked to participate. If we only get a handful of participants, that’s OK ;] Here’s how it works…



Monthly, a certain track will be chosen - and car.

The “King” will provide an initial time in which to beat - players will then have 3 weeks to beat this time - The “King” will have the option to beat his first time and post 2 other faster times - each time - his time is updated - players have the option to update their own times to beat new “fast time”.

Contests will run for a 3 week period.

Players must post their times here in this thread AND save their replay in storefront and label “KOTT 12- RIVALS”
When posting your times on the thread, please state WHAT LAP you are referring to.
If updating your time with a new replay, please delete previous replay you posted before.

At the end of the 3 week period, anyone who has beat the most recent fast time of the “King” will receive 50 million credits, the Exclusive Limited Edition “KING OF THE TRACK” car created each month and 1 prize car available.

The fastest time of the month overall will receive 100 million credits, the “KOTT” Car and 3 of any of the prize cars provided by the boys at BIGTIME MUSCLE - Next Rivals - a new KING will be randomly drawn from that months participants.


  • Players must post their times here in the forum AND must save/provide replay in storefront - labeled “KOTT 12 - RIVALS”

  • You CANNOT post times for other players.

  • IF you have banned from the forums - YOU CANNOT ENTER.

  • NO HORSEPOWER UPGRADES ARE ALLOWED - Car must run factory horsepower specs - NO CONVERSIONS ALLOWED- no engine swaps - no aspiration conversions - no drive-train conversions - CAN NOT USE ANYTHING IN ENGINE CATEGORY OF UPGRADES. ONLY EXCEPTION RACE FLYWHEEL MAY BE USED - AS IT DOES NOT EFFECT HP -

Any other upgrades are allowed

Telemetry specs will be checked on provided/saved replays - GOES WITHOUT SAYING - ALL CONSIDERED LAP TIME TIMES MUST BE CLEAN LAPS - NO DIRTY LAP TIMES ALLOWED.

Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from current challenge and the next months challenge.

Players may post as many times as they wish - as long as improved times are posted and replays are saved



For this challenge we have chosen the DODGE Stealth R/T Turbo


Track - Top Gear - Full Circuit

This months “KING” is Wan Ge 1, who has run an initial posted time of 1:18.411

Ending FRIDAY, JULY 31 - midnight EST

If this sounds like somethin’ interesting, then get your best tunes and start posting some times - would really like to see lotta participation again - Good Luck !!


Lets get some color in this thread !! Take some cool shots and post, here, on the thread to add some “visual” to this rivals.

50 million for 1st Place photo – 30 million for 2nd and 20 million bonus for 3rd place photos for as well. Honorable Mentions will be awarded 10 million each. Lets see some photos of all this hard work :slight_smile:

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Reward yourself with this exclusive design ;] - available at KoolIROCZ1967 storefront - download and rate ;]






Yakov Alfa




1:14.523 - WRT PERCY - 100 million
1:14.772 - Rejus66 - 100 Million
1:14.867 - xCMRx Kowalski - 100 Million
1:15.100 - Frikki Trikki - 100 Million
1:15.328 - Yakov Alfa - 50 million
1:15.659 - JazzyWriter3112 - 100 Million
1:15.791 - CostlessCape92 - 150 Million
1:15.853 - LazerRacer01- 100 Million
1:15.918 - JWCJRS4RT - 50 Million
1:15.941 - onelapmagic - 100 Million
1:15.948 - HotLZ77 - 100 Million
1:16.130 - pdingding - 100 Million
1:16.191 - Eric21477- 120 Million
1:16.216 - KING
1:16.435 - xChapter IV
1:16.497 - Vlade Spado
1:16.670 - cobuser
1:16.801 - DamMe2006
1:17.173 - DesigningLeek47
1:17.299 - voldemortt
1:17.399 - ZeusEugenius
1:17.494 - acbe15
1:17.499 - ooollBURGllooo
1:18.387 - Rudyard77
1:18.747 - PocketPoncho UK
1:18.997 - Kool

“Mid-challenge” Challenge

1:14.690 - xCMRx Kowalski
1:14.884 - Rejus66
1:15.422 - Frikki Trikki
1:15.601 - JazzyWriter
1:15.793 - HotLZ77
1:16.071 - LazerRacer
1:16.221 - CostlessCape
1:16.341 - pdingding
1:16.344 - Eric21477
1:16.395 - onelapmagic
1:16.463 - THE KING
1:17.198 - DesigningLeek
1:18.544 - Kool

Photo Comp

1st - CostlessCape - 50 Million


2nd - Wan Ge - 30 Million


3rd - Eric21477 - 20 Million

Thanks IROCZ1967 for the tune and paintjob!

My first time on KOTT <no pun intended, ok now it is>

1:18.260 KLEEN

How gnarly is the last corner!


Ready for take off…

KOTT12 Ready for take off

Zeus, welcome to the party ;] Glad to always welcome newcomers ;]

First photo posted - 50 million bonus ;] Put up a grey IROCZ in AH for 50 million buyout for 24 hr to receive your bonus ;]

Overpriced grey IROCZ now available…now I’m rich, not sure what I’ll spend my dosh on. Where do you get so much moolah from?

Overpriced grey IROCZ now available…now I’m rich, not sure what I’ll spend my dosh on. Where do you get so much moolah from?

Years of selling designed cars in the AH - have always enjoyed playing that part of the game ;]

Tax returns?

A tune is available for free download in KoolIROCZ1967 storefront , for anyone who wants to “jump right in” ;] Download and rate - “Good Luck” ;]

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AHH! My realistic dream car gets featured this month! : D

LOL - show some love ;]

Hey this should be a good one!

What time did the Stig post in the Stealth? Lol

Congrats Wan Ge 1! Looking forward to the challenge.

I believe the Stig was unavailable - on hiatus, I think, till he decides which new show he belongs to :wink:

HotLZ77 I will start off with:
1:17.812 LAP 5
Clean LB & Replay on SF
Got to work on my 4x4 tuning! <€;-}~

1:17.62 Lap 9


I seem to run out of talent around the 1:17.3 mark…I’m out,

Don’t give up yet, Zeus - I NEVER beat the chosen KING - that hwy it’s a month long. You will greatly improve your knowledge of the chosen track and many times, eventually post your PB for class/track. Plus you’re “good to go” whether you beat the KING or not - you already have your 50 million bonus ;] - Now, just have some fun with it and see if you can shave off a few tenths ;]

We have our first time posted :wink: thanks, HotLZ - 50 million bonus - sell me an IROCZ please :wink:

Still need 1st photo posted…