Best super grip car

I am looking to get a super grip car and I was wondering which one would be the best to get. I am thinking mosler mt900, ferrari fxx k, ferrari 599xx evo, aston martin vulcan amr gt, and the koenigsegg ccgt. Which one other than the ccgt should I get for road racing? Are there any good super grip cars that I missed? Also I am aware of that one b class forza edition or smthing car that is the king of uber grip.

Get the VW IDR if all you are concerned about is grip.


All the cars mentioned, with the right tune, offer excellent levels of grip…however, top ends differ so may be a factor with tracks with high speeds like The Gauntlet or ones that involve the Dual-Carriageway. The Aston Martin has a lower top end than the others (the tune I use tops out at 250mph on the dual-carriageway). For X-Class, I would personally go with the Evo…with the right tune, it has tons of grip whilst still having a good top-end (the tune I use tops out at 270mph or so).

It also depends on the road surface. The Ferrari evo has grip on road, but the Ford RS200 works better on wet gravel.

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That is very true…do any of the Road Racing series events have wet gravel? I honestly can’t remember…of course, the OP could also be covering Blueprint events which may well contain gravel on road events…I just assumed it was strictly tarmac.

Tuned Ferrari Evo for Speed Zone, Camera and Stunt Jumps…if the speed zone is offroad use the Hooni or Ford RS200 tuned. If the stunt jump is really offroad suggest you go with something like a Koenig with Rally Suspension and AWD…the ones where you’ll spend more time airborne trying to maintain speed before you actually get to the ramp, those ones, the Koneig tuned to X 999 made me have the fewest tries to get it right.

You only really need a Hooni, 599XX E and whatever feels nice. The Divo is very satisfying if you like driving fast and windy roads in the wet. Its 7 speed gearbox is savage and it drives like it’s on rails. I used it a lot when I was learning to cope with the faster cars. I got a bit bored of it because it’s almost too stable and predictable but its nice to pull out every so often.

Of all the high end cars I’ve driven the Ferrari 599xx EVO feels like it has the most grip on paved roads.

At S2998, the Zenvo TSR has insame amounts of grip…lacks a little on the top end of things but it is mighty in the corners

The best thing to do really is just experiment with different cars and different tunes…people I race with love specific cars and tunes but, when I try them, I find them horrendous and not suited to my style of driving. Some people like a bit of understeer in their tune so a car will be less twitchy, others like a bit of oversteer as it makes it easier to correct if the car gets a bit lairy…some cars and tunes, like the Zenvo, have neither and simply just grips and, when you think you must have reached the limit of the grip, it offers up some more grip

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That used to be my favourite Forzathon live car and I sometimes still use it. Loving the R390 at the minute.

Vulcan AMR is also very grippy and a prize this season for 80% completion. It’s basically an upside down aeroplane and very easy to drive quick.

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