Best offroad spots

If anyone has a good spot for offroad racing and rally stunts, let me know.

North-East of Castelleto there are some back roads… those are good

Storm Island.

Yep, practically every road on storm island is great for off-roading.

There’s a spot heading north in Cast. where you can jump quite a distance.

The abbey is a fairly good spot.

You can also make a nice little circuit south-east of San Giovanni using the dirt roads and areas off-road.

Glitches! (I am just kidding around.)

Cross-country events, sure, but Montellino is mainly off-road and has some -small- roads that are not showing on your map.

Storm Island is the best you can get, however between Nice and Sisteron is a bunch of great off-track roads, that remind me of a rally course. Otherwise, the Golf Course does the job, so as Sisteron’s abbey.

Well apparently a Youtuber has posted videos about out-of-map glitches that have some pretty decent dirt roads and off-road spots…If you can get to them!

Getting to them may not be too difficult but it does directly violate either the xbox Live Code of Conduct or the xbox Live Terms of Use and can result in a ban.

Really? Then there wouldn’t be anyone playing Horizon 2 on line on Xbox 360!

I never understood the obsession with breaking game maps.

They don’t lead very far either, most of the time. However, -and I experience this all the time- people get out of the map on King & Infected. It is very easy and I’ve seen level 10’s and level 999’s do it continously. (Getting to level 999 is much easier on Xbox 360.)

I think that getting out of the blocked off area for King/Infected and getting out of the actual map are slightly different.

Getting out of the King/Infected area is a poor move for players with no skill sure, but you’re still in the playable bounds in the game - granted you are exploiting a glitch.
I think they care more about people leaving the actual map - like the forum user who had the thread about leaving the airport and driving around the outside of the map - and then was told by moderators that he should stop so he doesn’t get banned…

In the end, I really don’t care either way. I also find it humorous when people who do regularly try to find these exploits or errors and use them then come here and complain that their game save is corrupted or lost or broken and you find out it’s because they did something they shouldn’t have.

How can your save be corrupt because of a glitch? Not that I do them, but I am just curious.

The cars, the game, and in turn your save data are designed to operate within a specific set of parameters.

By exploiting glitches or leaving the map you operate outside of these parameters. When you do this they’re is always a chance that something may save incorrectly.

Let’s say you drive around outside the map and the game auto saves. Now your save data may have incorrect or unexpected values in a certain location and what if when you return to the map those incorrect values remain or do not save correctly… …Next time you launch the game you get greeted with a corrupt save data message.

Thank you.

Yeah, I accidentally stumbled upon a glitched out area, my friend was parked up against a wall AFK and I was being stupid and drove my car into his and we both went flying through the rail. There was an area with a whole bunch of rocks and the entire area under the water was dirt, but, well either you kept falling through the map or when you hit a rock the car would just instantly flip, so, I wouldn’t say thats the greatest of alternatives.

The only glitch I ever found amusing was the “swing set car launcher” in GTA4.

Good times.

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Hell yea I loved that glitch, got some mad air in a Comet and still survived the fall haha