Been noticing an odd pattern w other players!

I’ve been noticing during the online race events with other players that during some of the events there are some players that are running the entire event constantly blaring their horn over and over and over and somewhere along the way I get kicked out of the event and my connection gets fully disconnected and I get kicked out of the game we’re having no authority over at chance it’s not online and I end up having to restart my internet connection in order to be able to get back in and play every time I run into a player that’s doing that just thought that might be something that you would like to know that it’s kind of seems like a phishy to me

If you are having to keep restarting your internet sounds like the problem is your end, and I seriously doubt its anything to do with anyone blowing their horn in game.

Utilize periods and commas. I could barely understand your single, run on paragraph.

If you need some punctuation, you can borrow some of mine.
… … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Hey it’s not my fault talk to text doesn’t know how to punctuate on its own my hands are kind of busy with the controller while I’m doing these so yeah that’s what I got please be patient with me and bear with it you know at least it’s readable

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Thanks but what I really need is someone that knows how to train my phone how to punctuate itself when I talk to text while racing

The issues only ever happened went up against a couple of people and I’m not sure if I run into them more than once and it’s happened yet so I’ll let you know if that does occur but the way that it only occurs at that time in our own what would you think

And yes I did totally answer all three of those comments in random order so what you want to race about it?