So today I got banned from the liveries designer . Reason been I put a naturally occurring leaf as a picture on a car . Now let’s get this straight . It’s illegal to smoke Cannabis in some countries but it is not illegal to have a picture of a leaf in any country also the leaf said cannabliss on it NOT Cannabis. So it’s just a picture and turn 10 are very sad to say the least. So I got a 167 hour ban whopdi Doo. I was level 1218 and won the last 2 pinnacle X class league’s and spent a lot of time on this game. All I can say is I won’t be buying anymore forza games. And that I’m really looking forward to assetto corsa due out very soon. So turn 10 u have just lost a lifelong customer that was looking forward to fh3 but u can shove you’re franchise up you’re ass now . Goodbye

Sorry, but in the land of Xbox Live, under the Code of Conduct YOU violated the regulations, and therefore YOU received the suspension. Unaware of the rules is no excuse, because you agreed to participate on Xbox Live in accordance with the rules. You didn’t, so you pay the penalty.

Have fun in your next endeavors - but remember, they have rules, too. If you wish to protest your ban, you may write Turn 10 at Their employees enforce the rules.

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