Band with no explanation of infraction

Dear Turn 10, Stu Pudaso54 here. I have been band 3 times now for something, I’m not sure why. I’ve narrow it down to maybe a paint design. I have corrective this problem and apologize for any infraction and meant no disrespect. Please lift my band so I can continue enjoying Forza 6 . A post of infraction would be most helpful to correct future bands members.

Three would be the magic number, as in (1) a 7-day ban, (2) a 30-day ban and (3) a 20-year ban (permanent). Should have corrected behavior of violating the Xbox Live Code of Conduct by posting drug items a long time ago.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the regulations by Turn 10 employees are discussed on these forums. You may send an email, including ALL gamertags which have used your console, to them at

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