Backstage Pass glitch?

I was wondering if there was anyone else experiencing glitches with the Backstage Pass? Today, I used my existing pass (from last season) to try to purchase the TVR Tuscan, but when I clicked to purchase, I instead ended up getting the Porsche 914/6. Is this a new bug? Thanks in advance for the responses.

no = have you raised a support ticket?

I had one pass and I just tried to purchase the Tuscan to test it for you, and it worked properly. I see the 914 is next to the Tuscan in the list, are you positive you didn’t accidentally select the wrong car maybe?

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Positive I picked the right car. Maybe it was a one-time thing? Not sure. I haven’t put through a ticket yet. Honestly not sure how.

but certainly sounds like you just clicked the wrong tile

I have been playing through again and the backstage passes are not even collecting, even though it tells me that I have completed the tasks for it, but I can’t get it to work

Known issue and won’t be fixed