Away From Keyboard... AFKer's and idler's in tag is HORRIBLE! PLEASE FIX! thank you

Idling AFK’res in tag is horrible! Please fix this. It would be as easy as removing them from game for inactive. Just like in circuit racing… I mean. Am I the first one to say this. Or why do they continue this and not have the inactive kick already on?


I love A class. I did however found a good use for AFK’ers… Away From Keyboard.

Push them to the smaller hangers or terminal and use them as a road block…

The FULL LOCK UP on a leader! Only to get rammed in the rear hard is priceless!

This is against the Xbox CoC. So why haven’t turn ten fix this yet!?

Suck a brilliant idea

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I don’t understand why turn 10 supports AFKer’s and idler’s? For the most part it’s not an issue in circuit racing. Even though I think if you don’t move on the start. You ghost out.

But here at tag. We have 18 drivers. And 10 are idling! 10. Ten out of 8. That’s more then half. And when you get the open map it can be a pain in my oilpan!

Thank you for switching it to A class! But if you kicked them out like in circuit racing. In 2 minutes is more then fair on this… Please as this would improve are gaming experience…

After all isn’t that what the forums are… Do turn 10 care about it’s customers?

PS. Give use a bounce for every car we infect also! … That would also improve game play. As people live because they start as the virus…

Not that hard here guy’s and gal’s


You can’t kick people for idling in tag for one reason. Hiding. A lot of people like to park their car in a dark spot, behind a container or between a container and wait until most people are tagged. If you had a kick feature for idling, it’d kick players using hiding as a tactic.

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Doesn’t horizon 3 do that exact thing?

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Kicking people? I think so. But you can’t really hide in FH3 tag.

Remove CR rewards from tag. That’ll stop people from idle farming it.

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Should be the same as circuit
Disconnection after 30 seconds idle

Yes and no… Yes cause…

No cause many others…

  1. It still gives us chillers to chill. Like getting a beer… Or changing batteries. If that’s what u call it. Maybe a good excuse to eat and drive and wreck things without not paying the “REAL LIFE PRICE” lol. And A class is perfect for tag virus cause it gives an another excuse to run are trucks and other Odd ball setups. Aka the Gasser Belair! And race everything handling. With race supercharger… So fun to drive. We can still win with a junk vehicle!

Again. Giving a simple 100 credit bonus for ever kilo/infected would make a big diff…

Hate the smell of diff… Lol

Oh so how could they tell the diff between someone going to get a drink and being afk or idle
Wanting the best of both worlds
So maybe like posted earlier just remove credits earning all together and the afk idlers will go away

Then they’d just need to do something like rubberband the trigger and walk away.

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Maybe get rid of tag altogether lol
It encourages crashers :laughing::laughing::laughing::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

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Its like prost. It gives a place for the sick and weak to do their thing. Whatever floats ur boat…

After all. I work in a junkyard! :smiling_imp:

But I do know how to race circuit side by side. Or more…

Tag is a little bit of a Wild West. Rules seem to go unchecked. It’s a nice break from the regular racing though.

I very much enjoy the games, and tag is a favorite. Hiding is very much a part of the strategy so I see no need to kick.

How dumb are you? Hiding yes. Hence 2 minutes. But if you buy the Dodge Ram Runner. You get a 50% in credit and 50% for also being at test track. You literally can play and walk away for hours! Return only you have leveled up 16 times! That’s alot of suits and cars and cash!! So much for buying crates when u can just AFK all the way though…

Buy a Ram Runner Forza Edition. Get your truck up to A or B class. Jump into multiple. Go to Tag Virus or Keep it. Press A and walk away… Come back 8 hours later and you will find yourself has leveled up 16 to 20 times. I have made several posts about this issue of AFKing. But turn 10 continues to allow it. Why I don’t know.

I guess you don’t need to buy crates anymore. When you can sit in a parking lot and just collect xp and cash.

This all just defeats the purpose of going out and racing…

Please fix all tags on this!

Just wondering how it affects you that people want to “cheat” and do this

Attacking other forum members by calling them dumb is also against the COC. You really need to think about what you’re posting before you press the “Post” button. You’re posts profess to a level of immaturity or uncomprehending. Just because you want something removed doesn’t mean everyone does. I’d say judging by the lack of responses in your support that you are the only one who feels this way. So accept that and move on. Turn 10 are not going to change something because 1 player out of a million wants it done. Find a way to come to terms with that or find another game as this one clearly isn’t making you happy.