Autumn #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through August 15

Ya, I found that out the hard way. I was running a comfortable third in the race when I hit it so hard I almost knocked the fillings out of my teeth. I didn’t comprehend for a few seconds that I had hit something, as I didn’t even really see it. Needless to say by the time I figured out what stopped me cold, I was comfortably in last place. Thankfully I was part of a good team and we won all three races easily. Definitely do not use the Vauxall Monaro for this event.

Family Car Frenzy Seasonal Championship


I’m pretty sure the new cars are the only ones I don’t already have yet. I’ll double check tonight. I might be missing the Ken Block helmet, but it’s Playground Games, so not worth it. Ok, ok, it’s been a few months, so maybe I’ll take a crack at it.

And a high value car in the Forzathon shop too. I don’t think I have that one yet, so bonus.

All in all, I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty mellow playlist this month. I’m not complaining. It’s August. It’s summer. I’ve got stuff in IRL that I want to do. There’s stuff to do in game, but no pressure to grind away at. I like it.


It’s accumulative anyway, you don’t have to get it in one go, and I haven’t had a skill song for about 6 months for some reason.

Check to make sure you still own the Huntsman Lodge within your game. For some reason a couple weeks ago, I lost my double forzathon points and had to re-purchase the house with that perk. Of course, that could be a bug related to VIP status and not related to your issue. It is worth a shot checking though.

Yes you were right, my Huntsman’s Lodge had vanished. I found it in the woods, don’t know if I have ever used it. But I used to have skill songs, and now I just got them back again.

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Out of Retirement


Did the trial change?

Did it one time so far. Full 12 car roster, 5 players, 7 drivatars. Scored 750 each race. Fortunately, two of the 5 quit second race, the other two did good enough to win races 2 and 3. Used the forzathon weekly Ford mustang tuned to A800, start 2 of 3 races dead last, was in 1st in all 3 races by 2nd turn. Apparently my tuned for that mustang is ridiculously quick.

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This happened to me last week. It was strange. I usually prefer being on the team with fewer drivers but the team got crushed when it was 7 - 5 drivatars / drivers.

I was able to do the Forzathon and The Trial with the same Ford Shelby Cobra. Coincidentally, the cobra goes straight to 800 when you make it AWD and that is all you have to do in order to smoke the CPUs. You can use my tune if you like.

All three Seasonal PR stunts are possible with any high S2/X with decent grip (I used an upgraded Mosler.) This was the easiest week in a while for PR stunts - all completed on the first try with no rewinds.

It’s the same every week even in winter you can do any Pr stunt with the X class Mosler.

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Why is the trial muscle cross country? I was originally looking forward to racing modern muscle until I noticed it was cross country. Is this supposed to be a modern take on moonshine runs? Absolutely horrible

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Muscle cars take to cross country like a dream. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Power on the Prairie (Trial)

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Not sure if this has been said before, but when I checked yesterday, the two VW’s don’t seem to be unlocked in the AH yet.

Skills grinding with the Shelby was not fun. I just could not keep a chain going, and it was almost toward the end before a skill song finally came on. But I managed to combo it with a couple of dailys.

The drag races weren’t too bad, once tuned. My first race was bone stock, and it… didn’t… go well. But with even just the beginnings of a proper tune, it was a piece of cake.

I slapped a road tune on for the Forest sprint as close to the top of S1 as I could get without a roll cage. And just as I was coming out, a Forzathon Live was starting, so I used that to test my setup. It was bad. I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m doing in the tuning window, but I can usually get by. But this one was just not coming together. So before the race, I turned on TCS, and made some adjustments, and it was better. I somehow got through it. But the tune definitely still needs some work before I use that car again.

Trial seemed fairly easy this week. My team of randoms racked up circa 3,000 points in each race, with the drivatars seemingly very slow. I used the Dodge Charger but it didn’t seem particularly strong - others driving Mustangs seemed to have a fairly big advantage over me.

For some reason I kept getting bad co-op teams for this week’s trial. I won the trial on my second try, but I only won because everyone except one person quit. The final score on the third race ended up being 650 and the AI had 600. I only won because I got 1st place (The one remaining player came in last place). If I had gotten 2nd place, I would have lost the event. In the end, the human team won 2 out of the 3 races. The trial seems very tough this week. In previous weeks, most of the time half of the coop team beats the AI and we win easily. I guess the Ken Block race suit is meant to be hard to earn. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience on this week’s trial. What are your thoughts on this week’s trial? Is it too difficult?