Automated | Running cheat software on client alongside game

I have never used and do not use any software that would give me an advantage in this game! I am outraged by the operation of the system of automatic blocking of players! Raise the logs and check the data manually!

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Bei mir das gleiche, ich war mit der Xbox Series S Online.

On PC Steam ver.

Best part is that the game scans what you are running when it starts, if it finds something it claims to be cheat software, it will refuse to start.

Meaning that you cannot run the game and the alleged bad software at the same time.

Yet the powers that be decided to issue warnings and bans, based on this.

Also also, according to support they scan both hardware and software…

Also also, they refuse to tell you what software caused the warning/ban, ‘Because of the Privacy of OTHER players’

No problem launching the game. There were problems with the servers trying to disconnect you.