Audi S4 With BUG! Plss

Hello everyone just wanted to let you know that the Audi S4 in the game is a broken tachometer , and the system applying vinyls in the car sometimes it crashes and leaves only the option to skip to the end of vinyls category already applied in the car with the command upwards.

I’m brazilian and sorry for my english ;D

Hi there,

Is it possible to post some more info about these issues, or even a video if possible?

Yes and more bugs are taking place , here’s the youtube link which contains videos with bugs that I will speak here, please if possible fix this with an update soon , as to what happened in by vinyl in car system , I do not I could shoot , but look at the vinyls system and analyze if nothing is wrong with it , want it solved , I am a big fan of the franchise and the game deserves, thanks for this

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the ferrari one tells me the lighting for cars in the dark are prebaked.

Wow… these are scary. I posted about another bug last thursday… the Mazda Cosmo headlights doesn’t cast light on night tracks. So it’s basically useless on some races.

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I noted the same for the Audi S4 in the bugs thread, if you go into Forzavista, none of the needles move when you turn on the engine.
Looks like someone didn’t do their job in QC.

Shelby Ford Raptor at night. All of the LED light bars work. Yet there is complete darkness should you break your headlights. I did this on accident while at the Nordschleife. Extreme dark, yet the light bars work and cast no light what so ever. Also the LED light bar on the roof shine’s white light back at you if you are driving in third person views. Try it and see.

The rear spoiler stanchions on the forza spoiler on the Supra RZ appear to be light sources. They glow all the time and go off on photo mode when you switch off the lights.

I found a couple more car bugs. First off in the '97 Skyline GTR the tachometer on the dash is reading incorrectly. At idle the hud shows 800rpm and the dash shows 1100. Not a big deal, right? Well when the hud shows 4,000rpm the dash shows 5,000rpm. Take the hud up to 6,500 and the dash tach is at redline of 8,000rpm. When you are actually at redline of 8,700rpm the dash tack is buried. The second bug is on the '06 Audi S4 and oddly enough it’s another tachometer problem. However this time the dash tach simply ceases to function.