Auction house “ending soon” lasts for more than 30 minutes

I am not sure if it’s just me, but I have not seen anyone talk about this issue online or in any other forum. The “Ending Soon” notation in the Auction House lasts for more than 30 minutes!

Other forums, and other people, say that it only lasts for a minute but I find that to be a huge lie. I have never seen an “Ending Soon” last for exactly a minute as it always lasts for half an hour or more. What’s up with this? Please I need help, can someone please explain.

should change your name to porkypies
ending soon is less than a minute

It’s supposed to last 1 minute, and that minute can be timed by your watch. If you wait 50 seconds, and put a bid on you usually win, that’s how I made a lot of money in the game.