Auction House & Deleted Save File [XBOX]

I deleted my game save (from everywhere) to start a fresh new save but cars I’d listed in the auction house before deleting the save are still there. I can cancel the auctions but not reclaim credits or cars (rightly so) but it does mean My Auctions is now filled with cars I can’t remove or do anything else with.

I’ve tried deleting my save again and this time hard resetting before starting a new game, but it hasn’t helped.

Well I guess T10 are so busy improving the game, they haven’t even had time to give me a holding response…

Communication guys - it helps, a lot.

I restarted FH3 the same way, deliberately putting my HE cars on the auction house at unrealistic prices, knowing they wouldn’t sell. and they didn’t. I was able to reclaim the all on my new save.

It’s to stop credit farming. List a VIP car for auction, wait for it to sell, don’t collect credits. Start new save, get gifted another VIP car, list for auction and don’t collect the credits. It was an easy way to farm credits and get rich quick. If you try it now you can’t collect the cars or the credits because the data is linked to the save you created, if you delete the save the cars are bascially locked and can’t be removed.