Aston Martin Valkyrie Reviews/Lap Time by Sport Auto

1,270 Kg dry weight. 1,100 kgs of downforce under breaking, 750 kg of downforce at 220 km/h.

Chris Harris:

Henry Catchpole:

Sport Auto hot lap of Bahran by Christian Gebhardt (A Journalist!):

Faster Than the FXXK Evo and Senna GTR on Slicks. Two Seconds off of a P1 GTR on Slicks. All on Cup 2 R tires and a non-professional driver at the wheel.

I really thought Harris would like it more. Shame.

Some motor in it tho.

Now the comparison videos v the amg1

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Well for starters it’s 1270 kg dry which means it’s between 1,400-1,500+ kg with fluids. The active suspension is always doing maths, which took away from the sense of connection, but other than that, it’s fast, and it looks good. As Chris Harris said, it’s good that this car exists because it almost didn’t. These things were plagued with problems 2 years ago when deliveries began, and it looks like they’ve been sorted out for the most part

186 mph (GPS) down the start finish straight in bahrain is no slouch; It’s still lighter with more power than the AMG-One, so I’m sure it’s faster. 750 kg of downforce is more than the target 700 kg by the AMG-One also. The Valk is still in a league of it’s own.

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Top Gear Road Test with Ollie:

0-150 mph in under 9 seconds 60-130 in 4 seconds.

Just watched this vid myself.

I wouldn’t be at a drive thru anyway so check check and check!

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Hahahaha. For the man who likes his food at the restaurant. Maybe we’ll catch someone getting brunch on the way to the track one day.

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