Aston Martin Valkyrie coupe 2023

The 2023 Aston Martin Valkyrie joins FH5’s roster in December 2023 and FM in January 2024.
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Aston Martin Valkyrie

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I would love both the street version and the AMR Pro version. Different cars for different occasions.


The “standard” model, with super-high revving Cosworth V12 engine, paired with electric motors, producing a combined 1160 PS, more than a currrent F1 car. Which is fitting as it was designed by the legendary designer Adrian Newey who is also behind the one currently dominating the latter half of the 2022 season. Should be plenty fast then.

The track-only AMR Pro variant ditches the electric motors to achieve even less weight, and through that, even more performance. This gives us a glimpse at how Aston’s Le Mans Hypercar would have looked like, had the project not been canned.


Or maybe the normal one and then a body kit transforming it into the AMR, imo this is what they should’ve done already with the Vulcan… A Vulcan and then a body kit to make it the Vulcan AMR Pro.

Either way I really, really want this car in the game, it is my number 1 request.


Just listen it’s V12 at Goodwood :point_down:
Flat out in the Aston Martin Valkyrie at Goodwood | Top Gear


Nah, both variants are genuinely different mechanically-speaking and are made for different types of occasions. Both deserve to get in the game, and only including one would be a disservice to both. Besides, the standard Vulcan and the AMR Pro Vulcan were pretty much the same car, so that’s why one got the boot. If my memories serves me correctly, there was only one PI point difference between the two.


I know most would probably choose the AMR version, and for Motorsport I would agree, but for Horizon if I had the choice between the two I would actually prefer the street version. I see Horizon as a way to live out our dreams, and therefore generally the street-legal cars feel more right for it rather than track only cars


I get that, but wouldn’t driving a track-only monster be even bigger of a dream? I would absolutely love to drive either, but given a choice between a Mercedes F1 car or the AMG One, I know for certain I’ll choose the former.

It baffles me that this car isn’t in FH5, considering that its main rival, the Mercedes-AMG One, and its little brother, the Valhalla (the concept, anyway) are both in the game. This thing is on McLaren F1 levels of special.


Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro


Both are cool designs. I like the bottom one better. I hope that they take them. both into account when adding this.


We need AMR PRO and classic version



AMR PRO test by Chris Harris


I would definitely prefer to see them in motorsport. In my opinion, like all latest generation supercars and hypercars, they are a bit wasted cars in Horyzon. And if they’re added to both games, great…

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Aston Martin Valkyrie Track Pack

We definitely need the Track Pack version for FM


Seeing as GranTurismo 7 just added this car it seems to be available. And forza seems to have a good relationship with British car manufacturers. They can make this happen for sure.


Guys WE GOTTA KEEP VOTING FOR THIS CAR!!! Literally why is the Ferrari Roma higher up in votes than this it makes no sense.


Because the community is full of nfs n gta people…we have no luck mate. Can you belive a car like nissan tsuru has more than double votes than bugatti bolide!!

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Schizo moment

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