Artificial lack-of-Intelligence

Been playing just over 2 weeks now, and have noticed the AI is particularly poor when compared to FH3.

It’s like all the drivatars are “blind” (I don’t play online cause that’s rubbish the way it is at the moment)

They’re constantly crashing into each other, running into me every 2 minutes even if I’m parked on the side of the road. They don’t drive anywhere near as well as FH3, so head-to-Head races are now useless and boring

What the hell happened to this game?

The only improvement I have seen so far is the addition of “drift suspension “ and the option to widen wheel track.

Other than that, it’s 2 steps forward 50 steps back

Super disappointing, I was so keen for this game

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It’s okay PG/T10.

People who like playing games solo don’t matter anymore, especially when the online is so terrible that it makes me not want to ever buy an online game again

Thanks guys, good job

To be honest, I suspect sacrifices have been made to AI to free up performance over the years. I don’t hate FM7’s homologation the way lots of kids did, but I suspect it might be a way to cut some corners in figuring Drivatar pacing. I felt like on 360 AI track pace was probably more calculated on what their car can do and how it’s being driven while now we’re probably fudging it more, working more towards an expected lap time to save performance. This could be supported by the increased number of cars on track, which increased from eight to twenty-four. Granted, hardware also improved from 360 to One, but I suspect dumbing down AI physics calculations may still be in play.

It sounds to me like you’re talking about the Traffic AI. I haven’t experienced the issues you’re describing; in fact, I have noticed lines of cars stopped behind me when I’m parked on the road. As for running into each other, I admit I’ve seen a few accidents during my travels but I contribute that to other players who have “bopped” the AI.

During racing, they seem to be very aggressive; trying to corner cut me on almost every turn. It’s annoying, but at the same time it’s something I would expect another player to do.

I’ve been playing this game since the VIP release, I have noticed in the last week or so, the traffic has gotten heavier (perhaps it’s just my imagination). But, one silly thing I have noticed is while driving on the highway, I’ll see a Drivatar do a hard right to cut across all of the lanes. This is very bothersome because I am normally going 100+ MPH and end up slamming into them. That, of course, is followed up with all sorts of foul language…

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