Ark Seacoast Drift Town

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Inspired by American & Canadian coastal towns.

Street race vibe town surrounded by snowy mountains and touge road featuring oval track, tram line, sea views with fun cornering. Great for racing and drifting. For A to S1 class.


Review by SmokeScreenCentral

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Have they changed something on Eventlab without telling us? Last time I tried to drive above the water my car kept resetting when I tried to get that far out…

Nothing has changed as far as I’m aware. It’s still a pain to make races like this. Requires patience lol. I deliberately put myself through this :joy: pleased with result though.

You can build out a long way from the island platform, however building so close to the water level requires trial and error.

They have definitely changed how far you can go out on the water… when I created my Sea View Circuit (18/09/2023) it wasn’t half as far as yours goes, it just wouldn’t let me. I have just done some testing and it goes way further now, also a bit lower to the water… only thing is when your car bounces it will reset, as long as you drive or drift without this it’s fine.

I am like you lol, always trying to see how far I can go :joy:

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Might find this useful, someone tested the event island boundary.

Oh yes, I had to keep raising the platforms until the car bounce had no effect. This is first time I’ve built anything so close to water.

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Someone tested more than I did :joy:

Adding those boats like this! It’s genius! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Arkra1ders . Are you the SmokeScreenCentral?

I don’t think Ark could be SmokeScreenCentral, but the smoke screen it throws is good.

Its reminds me when the matrix came out, and the big question for the PR advertising was, “What is the Matrix?”

There are some good videos scheduled in this week.


Joh Cee has made some great races this week and filthyhoney has improved his Back to the Future race. Definitely another great week for Eventlab’s.

It’s going to keep you busy @TheGemte1981 :joy: