Ark Drift City Gymkhana

Share Code for Cloudy Evening: 501 861 389
(my favourite, best lighting)
Share Code for Clear Night: 146 442 254

Ark Drift City, a complete custom drivable city made for fun convoy racing. This is the 2nd event featured on this large scale city map which includes all area’s previously inaccessible and alternate roads.

FH3 city vibe drifting was the goal for this event, however it can also be run as a normal race too.

Dedicated to the drifting legend
Ken Block.

I love drift tracks!!! Looking forward to playing this. In fact I’m going to play it now!!

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Drift map OF THE YEAR! AMAZING!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Took a very long time to make. I wanted both a very fast race (share code mentioned in blueprint itself) and a drift/racing event which gave off Forza Horizon 3 city vibes :grin::+1:

I can imagine. I only got lost twice on the whole thing. For the most part it was very very cleverly laid out.