Are there cars available only in the Auroshow?

I’m trying to get as many cars as possible via wheelspins, and am wondering what cars, if any, must be purchased. Thanks for the help.

This thread might be helpful
Cars not in autoshow

Dont think there is a list any where saying about what can only be in the Autoshow though

I don’t recall earning any cars valued at over 3 million CR from Wheelspins or Super Wheelspins, but I don’t know if they’re excluded or not.

I got a few 10 million credit cars in wheelspins
Probably 5 or 6
But I’m lucky

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I’ll add that in my 3 accounts, the current forzathon shop Ferrari valued at 2.6 million wasn’t in any of the accounts. That at prestige 3 +

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I just got one of those Ferrari’s in a wheel-spin earlier today, so I was glad I didn’t spend any FP on it.

But also yea, I’ve had about 85 kajillion wheel-spins and gotten a few (less that 10 for sure) 10mil cars, and about 84 kajillion Miatas and Morris Minors.

Same here. It seems you can win any car sold in the Autoshow from wheelspins, except perhaps the HDT VK Commodore.

I think the HDT isn’t in wheelspins, but I can’t say for sure. It’s a common, autoshow car, but it pretty much never shows up in the auction house.

Just confirmed it on the new Car Collection screen. The HDT is not available in wheelspins. Probably a bug, to be honest.

I think it’s fair to say that, whilst every Autoshow car might technically be available from a wheel spin, you’d be there an awfully long time before acquiring all of the higher value cars. I’m currently at 2 star level and my recollection is I’ve got 3 or 4 £5 million plus cars in wheel spins only. You can build a decent garage through wheel spins only but it won’t be complete.

Thanks to all for the input. I’ve got tons of credits and can afford the remaining cars, but enjoy “the game within the game” of not spending them if they are all available through wheelspins.

Max, we appreciate all that you do for the community.

I’ve bought very few cars, only our of necessity. Although lately I’ll auto show or check auction as opposed the using FP for whatever current forzathon shop car.

I think HDT VK Commodore is the one.
Never saw it in the wheelspin even I already bought that .

The Commodore was exactly the car I was referring to.
@CRracer912, I’ve purchased what I was forced to and won the rest through wheelspins and racing.

I got the Ferrari 250 LM (10 mil) in a wheelspin lately. Definitely possible to get high value cars. Just pretty uncommon. I’ve seen some other high value cars like the Huyara in the wheelspin, but sadly I did not win them. I got a Porsche 918 not long ago too.